Software for Cam / Zoneminder alternative?


is there a good zoneminder alternative working with openhab2?

i would like to install it on my debian linux server with openmediavault and openhab.

actually i got just one ip cam for testing and trying and would like to save the stream on my nas.

thanks for your ideas.


thank you very much for this alternative. is it right, that there is no configuration-ui and openhab-binding for motion? or did i just didnt find it?

You will need the http binding and a simple sitemap to show the video:


sitemap video label="Testvideo"
Video url="" encoding="mjpeg"

thanks a lot!

is there also a way to control the motion detection an video recording debending on a state item of openhab? (i just want the cam working an recording, when nobody is at home)

i already found a way to send curl commands to openhab, for example when motion dection recognizes something.

but is there also a way to send commands to motion or to the cam (onvif)?