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Like another guy struggling to find on the homepage if Zwave or Zigbee was supported I was to.
This is a lost opportunity as openHab without hardware is just code running.
I hope that people place more hardware solutions here.

In my case I was searching for a doorbel solution that I watched in the video from 2012.

It would be nice how this was done are there people here that achieved things like this. We have a off the shelf analog solution that phones to a gsm via a landline where we can enter a code to open the door.
In my perfect solution a push on the button opens a Hangout call so we can perform a action to open the door while not at home.

Does anybody would like to help me in the wright direction without breaking my bank lol.
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Guy Forssman

Zwave is supported in OH 1. Zigbee support is coming to OH 2. I am unsure of whether or not the Zwave binding is fully tested in OH 2 yet but believe it is really close if not completely done.

There are over 130 technologies, APIs, and services that are supported directly in OH with more coming with every release. Many many of these bindings work with hardware including zwave, KNX, Nest, etc. The full list of officially supported bindings is listed on the wiki on the right hand side of each page. Each binding has its own page with configuration and use instructions.

@kai and or @teichsta would need to comment on what hardware they used in this demo. But a whole lot of development has happened since 2012. There is likely more ways to do this now then there was three-four years ago.

I can’t help much with this except to caution you that zwave door locks use the security command class which is not supported by OH. But there is support for several different ways to communicate with you and you can trigger the door lock to open (if supported). The approach will large depend on what hardware you have and other requirements you might have.

I think I even mentioned it in the presentation: This was a highly sophisticated door bell, which short-circuited two pins on an RS-232 port, which the serial binding is able to interpret as a switch :slight_smile:

Thansk for reply and yes of course when you short-circuited one has closed a switch.

These things I understand but the actual wire was connected with what to what?

I saw your video and the only thing missing here are real life examples.
People who are brand new and have to chose between this approach or another sometimes also open source have a difficult choice to make.
I found a doorbell solution here.

Rich is talking about a security command class not supported, what does this mean?

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Guy Forssman

Here is a very elegant solution for integration with openHAB of a very attractive product designed just for this purpose.

Thank you for your elaborate answer…

I’m sure this is a very open platform but for me it was a little to abstract…I’m here to realy hook up devices and use them.
Luckily I found a doorbell solution here.

Some real life examples with pictures would make this site a lot more easy going for newbie’s like me.

I understand of course that there a lot of PRO’s here…

I would just like to say thank you for your reply
Guy Forssman

Thank you for your reply…This is something I was looking for… There is a lot of choice these days…
-remote lock
-DIY project

One can see that a lot of searching went into this maybe others can use this list as well.
Some have still keys others don’t …thanks to @watou I now know that one is compatible with

Kind Regards
Guy Forssman

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But that abstraction is required. There are over 130 different protocols, APIs, and device classes OH works with with thousands of individual devices which can be combined in millions of different combinations. Every HA system is almost completely unique. Which ones would you choose?

Unfortunately home automation is simply not that easy. If this is how you want to approach it, in my experience, you will fail. Home automation is hard.

I agree some more diagrams to go with some of the examples could help, but the challenge is still choosing which examples to diagram. It is probably very unlikely that your particular use case would be one.