Soil Moisture Sensors - any recommendations?

Dear Forum

pls help me to keep my WAF high :wink:

At the moment I’m looking for wireles soil moisture sensors for “our” (read: my wifes) garden.

My research stopped at PlantLink (uses ZigBee or WiFi). Does anyone of you use this devices?

Can anyone of you recommend any other type of sensors?

Thanks & Regards

Hi john, what sort of budget are you thinking per sensor? Would you be comfortable making your own sensor with something like MySensors?

Hmm, yes and no :slight_smile: Yes, I like to try things out but at the end it has to be wife-suitable, what means usability is THE important success factor.
But I’ll check this - thank you for the hint :slight_smile:

Regarding budget: PlantLink is like 40 bucks per sensor - that sounds reasonable. I’ll need around 6-8 sensors.