Solar Powerde Plant Watering

Hi there

I would like to water my plants on my balcony using Openhab Smart.

I have basic knowledge of Openhab, MQTT and z-Wave.

To my balcony:
I have no electricity or running water there.
My idea is to use a pump to suck the water out of a tank and pour it with it. I would like to get the electricity with the help of solar panels.

I have already found this. I just don’t know how to solve that with the current.

Can someone help me?
Tips for a possible shopping list are also very welcome.

Best wishes

Well, maybe my reply is a bit late. I just suddenly stumbled upon this searching the forum.
For powering a pump i think that you would need quite a large solar panel to supply the power.
In your case i’d suggest to assemble a tank at a higher level than the plants and just switch a small valve. The water would then be “pumped” by gravity.