SolarEdge binding with Private API

Hello everybody,
I just finished my SolarEdge setup and would like to connect it to openhab. Currently I am using openhab 3.4.
I would like to ask you a support what to do if I would like to create a connection via a Privat API?
I do have a meter installed as well so it should work.

Sorry, maybe it sounds stupid, but I am stack to get the SPRING_SECURITY_REMEMBER_ME_COOKIE.
Any help how to start from the beginning?
I do have a SE8K-RWB48 invertor.
My thing is like:

solaredge:generic:se8k     [ tokenOrApiKey="token", solarId="ID", meterInstalled=true, usePrivateApi=true, liveDataPollingInterval=15, aggregateDataPollingInterval=60 ]

the ID I have found already.

Many thanks in advance.

Did you read the binding documentation:

E.g. for Firefox, use the built-in Storage Inspector (opens new window)to retrieve the token.

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