SolarEdge, Nibe MyUplink and Loxone bindings

Total noob to openHab, I’m wondering if openHab would integrate with my SolarEdge inverter, Nibe heat pump (via the MyUplink API) and Loxone, less control more for reporting and statistics gathering…I’m struggling to find a solution that will allow me to pull all the information I want and present it in a single interface, I’m hoping openHab could be the solution?

Do you know if this has a facility to collect the statistics also?

Hi @daveo2k,

I also own a NIBE heatpump (although an older model, F730) and a SolarEdge inverter. I selected openHAB as the system of choice because for both systems there were bindings available.

Nibe’s MyUplink seems unsupported at the moment. See threads Nibe REST API - #74 by pacive or Nibe uplink binding - #242 by KlingsporC.

In the meantime I am using this binding for my heatpump (F730 model): Nibe Heatpump - Bindings | openHAB. But this needs hardware modification in the interface to the heatpump and setup the MODBUS feature in the heatpump settings.

For the SolarEdge inverter you can take the bindings mentioned above. Or you may communicate via ModBus TCP locally (has to be enabled on the inverter). See also Reading Data from Solaredge inverters via Modbus TCP - Tutorials & Examples / Solutions - openHAB Community and Solaredge inverter via Modbus TCP 2 - Tutorials & Examples - openHAB Community


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