Solaredge: problem with readout on sitemap

Platform information: Raspberry Pi 2

Hardware: Raspberry Pi 2 with 32Gb SD-card

OS: _Linux (Rapian terminalmode)

Java Runtime Environment: java version “1.8.0_65”
Java™ SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_65-b17)
Java HotSpot™ Client VM (build 25.65-b01, mixed mode)
openHAB version: Snapshot 2.4.0

I installed the solaredge binding, programmed the thing-file, items-file and sitemap-file. All, except for the "channel=“solaredge:generic:se3300:aggregate_week#production”-readouts work wel. I don’t see enything wrong in the programming.
Am I forgetting something?

My items-list:
Number:Power se3300_live "Huidige productie [%.2f %unit%]" <sun> { channel="solaredge:generic:se3300:live#production" }

Number:Energy se3300_dagprod "Productie vandaag [%.2f kWh]" <line> { channel="solaredge:generic:se3300:aggregate_day#production" }

Number:Energy se3300_weekprod "Productie deze week [%.2f kWh]" <line> { channel="solaredge:generic:se3300:aggregate_week#production" }

Number:Energy se3300_maandprod "Productie deze maand [%.2f kWh]" <line> { channel="solaredge:generic:se3300:aggregate_month#production" }

Number:Energy se3300_jaarprod "Productie dit jaar [%.2f kWh]" <line> { channel="solaredge:generic:se3300:aggregate_year#production"}

My sitemap-list
        Text item=se3300_live
        Text item=se3300_dagprod
        Text item=se3300_weekprod
        Text item=se3300_maandprod
        Text item=se3300_jaarprod

The output

Does someone have any tips for where to look, what to change or what to add?

Please use the code fences when posting code, thanks

Number:Energy se3300_weekprod "Productie deze week [%.2f kWh]" <line> { channel="solaredge:generic:se3300:aggregate_week#production" }

What does the log show about se300_weekprod value?
Can you check it’s value with the RestAPI to make sure there is a value, please?

Hello Vincent,

Thank you for mentioning the missing codefences. I placed them.
I am new to openhab and coding, but I want to learn it.

I installed the RestAPI binding, but I don’t know what to do next.

Can you explain it to me?

Go to the rest API from the dashboard
Click items

You get:

Go to the third GET

Enter se3300_weekprod in the itemname field and click Try it out!

The API will respond with the state of the item

Good explanation!! thanks.

The response is:

The state is UNDEF
That’s the problem
The week channel is not providing data

Could that be aan issue in the binding? My other system is registrering the week poduce corectly. Also the SolarEdge app is registrering the week produce.

I think it is a problem with the binding - here’s a screenshot of mine from PaperUI:

(Month & Year, not visible here, do show a good value). I’m also not seeing anything in the Consumption fields, even though I have a Consumption meter attached to my SE inverter.

I’ll enter issues on the binding’s Github page

Is there any progress on this issue? The link to github results in a 404.
My readings: