Solaredge: problem with readout on sitemap

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(Peter Verboom) #1

Platform information: Raspberry Pi 2

Hardware: Raspberry Pi 2 with 32Gb SD-card

OS: _Linux (Rapian terminalmode)

Java Runtime Environment: java version “1.8.0_65”
Java™ SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_65-b17)
Java HotSpot™ Client VM (build 25.65-b01, mixed mode)
openHAB version: Snapshot 2.4.0

I installed the solaredge binding, programmed the thing-file, items-file and sitemap-file. All, except for the "channel=“solaredge:generic:se3300:aggregate_week#production”-readouts work wel. I don’t see enything wrong in the programming.
Am I forgetting something?

My items-list:
Number:Power se3300_live "Huidige productie [%.2f %unit%]" &lt;sun&gt; { channel="solaredge:generic:se3300:live#production" }

Number:Energy se3300_dagprod "Productie vandaag [%.2f kWh]" &lt;line&gt; { channel="solaredge:generic:se3300:aggregate_day#production" }

Number:Energy se3300_weekprod "Productie deze week [%.2f kWh]" &lt;line&gt; { channel="solaredge:generic:se3300:aggregate_week#production" }

Number:Energy se3300_maandprod "Productie deze maand [%.2f kWh]" &lt;line&gt; { channel="solaredge:generic:se3300:aggregate_month#production" }

Number:Energy se3300_jaarprod "Productie dit jaar [%.2f kWh]" &lt;line&gt; { channel="solaredge:generic:se3300:aggregate_year#production"}

My sitemap-list
        Text item=se3300_live
        Text item=se3300_dagprod
        Text item=se3300_weekprod
        Text item=se3300_maandprod
        Text item=se3300_jaarprod

The output

Does someone have any tips for where to look, what to change or what to add?

(Vincent Regaud) #2

Please use the code fences when posting code, thanks

Number:Energy se3300_weekprod "Productie deze week [%.2f kWh]" <line> { channel="solaredge:generic:se3300:aggregate_week#production" }

What does the log show about se300_weekprod value?
Can you check it’s value with the RestAPI to make sure there is a value, please?

(Peter Verboom) #3

Hello Vincent,

Thank you for mentioning the missing codefences. I placed them.
I am new to openhab and coding, but I want to learn it.

I installed the RestAPI binding, but I don’t know what to do next.

Can you explain it to me?

(Vincent Regaud) #4

Go to the rest API from the dashboard
Click items

You get:

Go to the third GET

Enter se3300_weekprod in the itemname field and click Try it out!

The API will respond with the state of the item

(Peter Verboom) #5

Good explanation!! thanks.

The response is:

(Vincent Regaud) #6

The state is UNDEF
That’s the problem
The week channel is not providing data

(Peter Verboom) #7

Could that be aan issue in the binding? My other system is registrering the week poduce corectly. Also the SolarEdge app is registrering the week produce.

(B K) #8

I think it is a problem with the binding - here’s a screenshot of mine from PaperUI:

(Month & Year, not visible here, do show a good value). I’m also not seeing anything in the Consumption fields, even though I have a Consumption meter attached to my SE inverter.

I’ll enter issues on the binding’s Github page