SolarEdge SE9K - local or cloud-API?

I’m about to buy a photovoltaic system and one of the components is “SolarEdge SE9K”. The sales rep said, I can connect locally to the Solaredge via some sort of interface. When I look into the SolarEdge - Bindings | openHAB the binding uses the Web-API.
Is there a way to use local interfaces?

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Local connection uses industry standard Modbus protocol

describes the principles, but more recent

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As @rossko57 said Modbus should do BUT be aware that vendor documentation is often not good enough to understand what a particular field or setting really does, even if you get hold of the installer’s docs.
When I got my PV system a year ago, I also considered SolarEdge but they were pretty bad when it comes to docs and in particular to also control the system (demand the battery to charge etc).
Which is essential if you want to build a commercial energy management system on top like I did
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FWIW, I got a Sungrow inverter now. Full house UPS it is, love it for that feature.

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