[solarmax] Initial contribution - Binding for SolarMax Power Inverters

I’m a newbie who’s written some code: [solarmax] Initial contribution by jamietownsend · Pull Request #10414 · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub

Feel free to discuss

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Hi, is the solarmax binding finished already?

Is this working only with oh 3 or also with oh 2.5?

It’s working fine with OH3

Hello Jamie,

I cannot contact my inverter from OH. Analyzing the TCP communication I found this possible cause:
The device address in the addon is fixed to 1, while my machine does not accept values below 100(decimal). Do You plan to make the address editable?

(In the doc, you accidentally inserted a screenshot from Your heatpump. )

TNX for Your work so far.

BR from northern Germany

Hi Siemer,

I’ve had a quick look at this and can’t reproduce your problem.

I guess you’re talking about the hard coding of destination device in SolarMaxConnector.java#L336. As I understand the Solarmax device, this value should only be relevant if the serial connection is in use. As I understand your question, you’re using TCP. As such, I don’t think this value should be relevant for your problem.

That said, it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to download the source code and use the @Test testForCommands to see if you can establish a connection. I’d suggest modifying that test to simply look for a known command (eg. KT0)

Since I can’t reproduce this, I can’t suggest what changes may be necessary in the code. If you can provide me with a solution that works for you, I’d be happy to help you to integrate it into the central codebase.

Kind regards from Switzerland,

Hello Jamie,

TNX for Your reply.

Even if the communication is using TCP, the device address might be important for the case of daisy-chained inverters.

I tried to change my inverter to device #001 w/o success. I expect a Solarmax firmware bug preventing me to set the 1st digit to 0.

I would be glad, if You can show me how to set the device number to 69hex and re-create the binding. The following test will show, if the connection establishes.

BR from a cloudy northern Germany