[solarwatt] New binding for solarwatt energy manager

I developed a new binding to query a solarwatt energy manager and read the values of all attached devices.

As there seems to be no public documentation about the API of the energy manager everything was done by trial and error. It works for my system at least.

If anybody with a solarwatt energy manager is willing to try it, I would be happy about feedback.

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After 2 years… Was the binding maintained? I just got a Solarwatt PV-Installation some days ago and detected, that there is an openhab binding supporting this. I installed the binding - but cannot connect to the energymanager! No matter whether I use IP or hostname, the result ist always “comm error” and then “offline” for the manager itself.
I did not yet create the other things because I think, this makes no sense if the manager itself cannot connect…

It is also obvious that energymanager uses an openhab (V.2) internally. It could be an idea to create an UI directly out of this one but I’m not sure that this is a good idea?!

It seems that Solarwatt produced a new “Energymanager Flex” which uses OpenHAB. (see gelöst Solarwatt Energymanager flex Daten auslesen ).
This binding only works for the “old” version as it is the only one I have in use.

Could you send me the output that is produced on your version if you query the URL /rest/items ?

Ja, das ist korrekt. Der output aus /rest/items ist auch wie erwartet JSON. Jetzt steh ich noch auf dem Schlauch, wie ich das in meinen zentralen openhab bekomme um es dort im UI mit anzuzeigen ?!

Englisch please, this is an international community!

Shame on me! You’re right! Don’t know why I suddenly wrote in German?!
Yes, it is the new version of energymanager and it includes openhab. The output of /rest/items is - as expected - json. So… my real issue is, how do I get the values from the energymanager into my central openhab installation to integrate it there?!

We should carlify the supported version (EnergyManager without Pro) and should narrow it down via production year.
“Only supports Solarwatt EnergyManager Standard which was discontinued in 2021/2022. This one lists its devices via a call to /rest/kiwigrid/wizard/devices/”
“The newer EnergyManager Pro / Manager Flex is not supported as it is already based on OpenHAB. These list the devices via a call to /test/items”

As the OpenHAB Installation on Manager Flex is to my understanding not open to the customer and therefore a parrallel use to an existing OpenHAB Installation (->UI) is not feasable - will there be any kind of binding for Manager Flex 1?

It is /rest/items and not /test/items

You could try a more general approach to connect two OpenHAB instances like this one Remote openHAB - Bindings | openHAB
A specialised binding only for Manage Flex seems to me to be a bit of overengineered. A more simplistic approach for “integrate another openhab” seems the way to go.

Sounds good. I’ll try it.

It runs but I have to use port 80. 8080 doesn’t work. Let’s see what the next problems will be :wink:

I’ve got a EnergyManager Pro - unfortunately I don’t get access to OpenHab Listings on the Energymanager. What URL did you call to list the devices? 192.168.xxx.xxx/rest/items? The OpenHub Remote Binding is also not connecting to this IP. (not on Port 80 and also not on 8080)

I talk about Manager Flex 1 and not EnergyManager Pro! No glue, how EMp works! Does it use also an integrated openHAB?
Remote Binding works perfect fo MF1. The link /rest/items is correct for MF1.
Sorry that I can’t help more!!
Try to input the passwort for EMp in the Remote Binding.

btw: Have you seen this post:

I hoped, that the PRO is also based on OpenHub - but it seems to be wrong.
I tried “/rest/kiwigrid/wizard/devices/” and this returns values - so I would sugguest, that the Pro is based on the same architecutre as Standard was.

Okay, I experimented a little bit with the knowledge of the call to " /rest/kiwigrid/wizard/devices/". With that one I could add the devices to the SolarWatt Binding manually. Autodiscover doesn’t work. It seems like everything is working after adding it by hand. For the battery I had to fix ItemType StateOfCharge and StateOfHealth from “call” to “number” manual while linking.

Could you send the output of the call to “/rest/kiwigrid/wizard/devices” to me via private message?
I’ll try to figure out why the autodiscover seems to fail.

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That autodetects these things on my system with openHAB 3.4.4:

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I can see also that the item is created with “call” as default (call is the first in the list):

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Same seems to apply to all channels which are set to “Number:Dimensionless”

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