Solution for controlling a single DALI light


I’m new to OH (and to home automation) and somewhat overwhelmed by it. Can someone confirm whether the components below can be used to provide a solution for the situation described below?

I would like to suspend a proper office light over my home-office desk. I have been looking at an LED light that is dimmable and has a configurable color-temperature. The light manufacturer sells a proprietary wireless solution for controlling it using a smartphone app. This would involve some sort of wireless DALI-gateway that would sit in the lamp and be connected to the DALI ballast.

Instead of some nasty proprietary solution I’d like to use OH to talk to a ZigBee-to-DALI gateway mounted in the lamp. OH would run on my Linux (Fedora) desktop PC.

I am thinking about these components:

The LED office lamp I’m looking at is the Trilux Luceos H. (I would have included the link, but new users are only allowed two links :frowning: ).

Does this look reasonable? Would other components be better? Is the ZigBee protocol a good choice for this?


Zigbee2MQTT (to MQTT bidning) or OpenHAB’s Zigbee Binding with Zigbee devices is probably better: - Bindings | openHAB


Next problem is picking Zigbee USB Coordinator as they are all not all supported the same by those.

thank you. In the meantime I also came to the same conclusion. I have been looking at the Popp “ZB-Stick” USB ZigBee controller:

Assuming I can configure OH appropriately such that it can use the ZB controller and talk to the ZB-to-DALI gateway, my biggest worry is whether OH will be able to control the light (dimming and color temperature). Do you have any comments about this?


It will work with OpenHAB’s Zigbee Binding but support for Silicon Labs EZSP is experimental in Z2M:

Still, as OpenHAB’s Zigbee Binding does not yet support TI Z-Stack 3 used in Texas Instruments CC2652/CC1352 chip there is no other adapter that is a better option either for that matter. See:


Does Zigbee 3.0 DALI CONV LI not just present itself as standard Zigbee device using Zigbee protocol?

As I understand those are standard Zigbee 3.0 devices so it should really work with all Zigbee solutions.

It should as they are at least list lited as tested/supported with Zigbee2MQTT should work with them all: