Solution for Z-wave water radiator smart thermostats battery drain

I have a number Danfoss radiator smart thermostats that drains 2AA batteries in just a few months.
I’ve had them for years, and have gotten used to replace batteries regularly. However, it doesn’t feel sane (or environementally friendly) to use 20+ AA:s every other month, just for something as “simple” as thermostats. Rechargeable batteries is not an option, since they do not deliver enough voltage.

I found this adapter a few weeks ago, and I just wanted to tip everyone that might have similar experiences. It works really great.
Note: I am not associated to the seller or product in any way. This is just a tip of a product that made my home automation a lot better to a relatively low cost.


Was not aware of that such products exist.

I’ve built that myself for the very reason, back when I still used Comet-Z thermostats. Unfortunately that proved to be unreliable. Never found out why the thermostats have gone into installation mode by themselves. Maybe HF issues with the cables working like an antenna.
Hope it works out for you :+1:

I’ve experienced no such issues. Was considering just connecting s 3.4V dc adapter, or a standard usb charger with a buck converter. But since I’ve got dozens of unfinished DIY projects, I used this off the shelf solution. :grinning:

Looks like a good solution but your battery life was very low so something odd must have been going on. I used to get a full year from my Danfoss valves and since I moved to AEON/Eurotronic I get well over a year.

To get through batteries that fast there must be something odd going on.

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