Solution to monitor openHAB itself

Does anybody already have a solution for monitoring openHAB itself (if it is up&running)?

Can you please elaborate a bit more, what you would like to achieve?
How and where would you like such information to be provided/displayed.

Sorry - I would like to have the alive-state of openHAB being monitored, and if there is no response from openHAB, being notified. That could be done by a cron-job that’s running on my NAS, for instance.

So what about triggering a ping to openHAB with this cron job and evaluate the response ?

Here is a na example how to do this ( sorry, German)

I monitored my old ioBroker with a request like this:
In my opinion, that is a little bit more elegant as a simple ping - does openHAB offer a similar request?

Found that:

Because I have a lot more than just openHAB to monitor I use Zabbix. It’s configured to send me alerts when ever something that should be running is not running as well as other health and status information. It’s super heavy weight so likely way more than required for most home users. But it’s a pretty nice tool.

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Another option that is much lighter resource/complexity than Zabbix (excellent system) but is still very capable, you can look at Uptime Kuma. It will run on just about anything including NAS appliances that support containers (QNAP, Synology, TrueNAS) GitHub - louislam/uptime-kuma: A fancy self-hosted monitoring tool

Here is a screenshot of one my openhab system services.


Which Method do you use? A normal HTTP-Request has no function on my system.