SOLUTION: Tuya air quality monitor via Zigbee2MQTT

In order to monitor air quality, especially CO2 content in openHAB I have been looking for a cheap ready to use device providing a standard interface. I finally found the Tuya SMART 5-in-1 on Amazon in the Zigbee version.

I as well read through this post on openHAB.

At first I tried to connect via my existing deconz-Binding, but without success - even if the deconz-Site lists a similar device as compatible.

So after removing the deconz-Binding(!) I changed my Zigbee-infrastrucuture to using Zigbee2MQTT.
Installation and setup of Zigbee2MQTT under openHABian is described here and went without any problem.
I immediately liked this application because it provides a very detailed interface accessible on port 8081 to manage, include, exclude and read out the Zigbee devices, a dashboard and mapping of the Zigbee net.

Last step was to join the Tuya device with Zigbee2MQTT. This proved to be a bit tricky - the device was found immediately and identified as similar device in a different housing.. But no values were displayed. After several resets, joins and finally letting it run for some hours, it suddenly popped up with all information.
Very helpful in this process was using the MQTT-Explorer to check the data traffic.

Final steps were creating the generic MQTT thing “Airbox” with channels for each measurement, adding the items to the persistence mapping and creating panels in Grafana, resulting in these nice charts.

The whole setup took around 2 hours.