[SOLVED] #1507 - Default AudioSink service 'enhancedjavasound' not available!

hm, another item that seems to be broken recently…my webradio based on “PlayStream” does not play any music + i receive the following log:

2019-01-27 14:22:05.025 [WARN ] [core.audio.internal.AudioManagerImpl] - Default AudioSink service 'enhancedjavasound' not available!
2019-01-27 14:22:05.028 [WARN ] [core.audio.internal.AudioManagerImpl] - Failed playing audio stream 'http://mp3stream7.apasf.apa.at:8000' as no audio sink was found.

Any idea how to fix this?

I believe ‘no audio sink’ is an issue at the OS level and can’t find a sound card.

Hi, thanks - thats for sure as the message itself says like this. but the question is why? as it worked before these latest releases. Guess something is broken - just want to see of i’m the only one or if this is a core issue hopefully fixed soon. Regards

Seems the PaperUI default sink got deleted after several back and forth up/downgrades of release versions. Set again and now it works. sorry and thanks Norbert

The reason was this PR, which merged the “javasound” and “enhancedjavasound” sinks into a single one (because nobody ever really uses the non-enhanced one. I chose “javasound” as an id for the merged one as I wasn’t aware that the distro sets “enhancedjavasound” as a default sink (instead of leaving it blank).

To avoid that everybody has to reselect the default audio sink (as you just did), I have just created this PR, so that we stay fully backward compatible here.