[SOLVED] 3x wire temperature sensors with raspberry pi and openhab

I want to connect 3 temperature sensors to the raspberry pi that contains my openHAB installation. Of course they should be embedded in openHAB.

Basically I follow this tutorial for installing only 1 sensor, so my question is: How do I connect multible (three)?

Temperature sensors

RaspberryPi: v. 3
OpenHAB version: OpenHAB 2 (openHABian)

Btw: German answers are okay :slight_smile:


Go to step 2 of the link in the post you mentioned …

The tutorial will work for 1 or 3 or 15 temp sensors. The wiring is essentially the same. Take a look at the breadboard wiring diagram in the tutorial and you will see there are actually 3 sensors. Good luck with your project!

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