[SOLVED] AC Lightning2 thing gives java.lang.NumberFormatException

Hello all,

I have openhab2 running with an rfxtrx433e device
When i add a thing of type lightning2 i get the following error : Exception occurred while calling handler: java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: “3FFFF04”

3FFFF04.1 is the device id of my CACU (click on click off 433mhz device)
When i change the device code to only numeric characters it is working.
But some of my devices are still built in the wall/ceiling so it is a lot of work to reprogram all my devices

in Domoticz it is working fine

Is it a bug in Openhab or is it by design that device id only can contain numeric characters ?

How can i achieve that deviceid also can contain hex characters ?

I can’t answer about the binding itself. But the decimal version of that hex ID is 67108612.1

RFXCOM binding supports only decimal numbers in device id field. So you need to convert hex codes to decimal numbers as @rlkoshak already guessed.

Thank you very much
It is working now