[SOLVED] Accessing openhab installed on raspberry pi from accross the globe

Hi! I was wondering if it is possible to run the web app that we create on openhab, accross the globe , i.e outside of home network. What would be the requisite steps, and how can we configure it to be available on the internet

Define “run the web app”. Do you want to install, configure, update over the internet? Or do you mean simply a User Interface?

best and most secure way is to configure your openhab with a Nginx reverse proxy. Forward the port on your router and enable https. Use any Openhab compatible app/web frontend you like.
This is a solid setup that is sufficiently secured.

If you want access to the web interfaces. Then connect your installation to https://myopenhab.org
The you have direct access to all your web interfaces without opening any ports, and the upside is that you can use openhanded with IFTTT services etc.

If you want cli access, then take a look at https://www.dataplicity.com
They allow ssh access, using a browser.

None of the above require you to open any ports in your FW.
You do rely on the security of the Cloud service, but IMHO it’s probably more secure.

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I have created a VPN to my LAN. This gives me full access to computers and devices on my network from anywhere. I can use the openHAB web interface but I can also do command line work with terminal apps I have installed on my iPad and iPhone.