[SOLVED] Adding a second Zwave USB controller

Hi Friends,
I recently bought a Nortek HUSBZB-1 Zigbee and Zwave USB controller (US frequency) to use with my OpenHAB 2.5.3 system installed on Raspberry Pi 4.
I’d like to add the HUSBZB-1 to work alongside my current Philio Zwave controller (Israel frequency).
Currently, the Zwave binding is not showing me the HUSBZB-1 in the OpenHAB Inbox, so I can’t add it as a Thing.
Is it possible to add and use two Zwave controllers at the same time?

It won’t - you always need to manually add controllers.

Yes, no problem.


For the same or 2 different Z-Wave networks?

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Thank you!
I was able to manually add the controller :slight_smile: :pray:

I added two different zwave networks: one network for zwave 916mhz devices, and a different network for 908mhz devices.

Each country only has one frequency that can legally be used. Using a controller from a different region is illegal. There are likely valid reasons why your region’s frequency was chosen. Using a different one runs the risk of you interfering with licensed users of that frequency.

I once has a supplier accidentally send me a Japanese stick. I asked and they replaced it with the proper North American stick, matching my region.

Good point. Duly noted :pray:

Also note we do not give assistance here to support known illegal activities :wink:

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