[SOLVED] Adding dependecies for addon

Hello, I have trouble getting the IpCamera bundle to work.

I did the following:

  • Cloned the openhab-addons repo.
  • Cloned the IpCamera into the bundles folder.
  • Compiled the IpCamera project. (Getting lots of error, but a jar appeared in the target folder)
  • Copied the jar into the addons resulted in a ‘Unresolved requirement: Import-Package: io.netty.bootstrap’ error message.
  • Tried also to install the addon wie bundle:install and bundle:start with the same result.
  • Changed the scope of the all dependencies in the pom.xml to compile and retried both installation methods.
  • After adding the next dependency manually to pom.xml, I realised I am in the dependency hell and gave up.

How to add the required dependencies to openhab.
A forum post sad karaf should automatically fetch the dependencies.

Thx for your time.

Why not using this one?

This is the binding I am using.

Sorry, I meant the readily provided jar:


Yes, it worked.
I just had to add the needed dependencies to the addon folder to.
I didn’t tried this because i reed somewhere this would not work.
Thanks anyway.

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