[SOLVED] Adding location to a 1.x binding - can I define a Thing for an UPS?


I have an UPS and use it successfully using the Network UPS tools binding .

which is a 1.x binding.
The items I am using are these:

Number Ups_Output_Charge "Laddning i UPS [%.1f %%]" {networkupstools="ups1:battery.charge"}
String Ups_Status "UPS status [%s]"  {networkupstools="ups1:ups.status"}
Number Ups_Output_Charge_warning "UPS nivå när varning ges [%.1f %%]"  {networkupstools="ups1:battery.charge.warning"}

Can I add a location to this UPS somehow? I tried adding a Thing, but failed get the definition accepted, so either I just have not gotten the syntax right, I am confusing what is what, or it is just not possible to define a Thing for something that does not come from a 2.x binding…?

Things are only part of 2.x bindings

1.x bindings have a .cfg file (right when you click on the link you provided yourself). Usually that’s where stuff is specified that otherwise is specified as parameters to a thing for 2.x bindings.
Not sure what a “location” is in that context and what you want to achieve by adding it.

Ok. That is what I figured.

I am still figuring OH out so I just wanted to see if this was possible. Locations are only used in Paper UI as far as I can tell, so this is not a big issue.

Ah, that one. That’s just a string with no functionality attached.
(well except for in mapping Alexa skills, but I guess you don’t wanna shutdown your UPS using voice control :slight_smile: ).