[SOLVED] Adding new Zwave device Sunricher ZV9001K4-DIM to database

After getting edit access to the Zwave DB from @chris .
I created a new device from the xml and added all needed info. ZV9001K4-DIM

It’s actually almost the same as the 8 button version which is already in the DB.ZV9001K8-DIM

I’am having some issues creating group 2 and 3 .

I also accidentally created an extra basic command which I can’t seem to remove (I wanted to check the treat as basic checkbox . But this seems to be only available when adding the entry the first time. Not when editing.

And the review is complaining/warning about " * Endpoint 0 contains both switch and dimmer channels. It probably should only include dimmer! " but I took this from the 8 button entry.

I wanted to add the “zwave” tag to this post but i’am getting 500 server errors when saving with this tag?

You created an Endpoint named Group 2. The Endpoint information comes from the xml file and usually does not need editing.

The binding can now usually determine the Basic command. Looking at that endpoint I would not have checked that.It is a good way to break functionality.

That warning can usually be ignored.

I see a warning of no configuration parameters but I do not see any in the manual either.

@sihui Please clean up this entry.

Please post the xml as I cannot see the original config.

network_e0c9a207__node_30.xml (9.1 KB)

@struvusmaximus, do you have an xml for the K8 you altered, too?

Both entries are messed up, I cannot find out what the original settings were, unless @chris does have a backup somewhere I quit for today :grimacing:



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I don’t recall editing the k8 version. Maybe opening the edit dialog (to show entry details) triggered this ?

Yes, maybe. But that does not help me to restore it.

The only “backup” I have is a real backup - ie it would replace the state of the database back to the last backup point (something like 3AM every day).

Otherwise, if you’re trying to work out “small” issues/changes, then github has the XML from the last export.

Looking at the dif from the export of 824 an hour or so back, it looks reasonably ok to me. The only thing that looks slightly strange is the SWITCH command class that was added to EP2 possibly should be BASIC (simply going on the fact that EP1 and EP3 use BASIC).

I also just noticed that while EP1 says EP1 in the name, the ID is 2 which will screw up the export I think.

I don’t have any spare time today, most likely I will try to clean it up tomorrow late afternoon.

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No probs - I’ll do this one since I’ve just looked at it, but I won’t approve it - I’ll leave you to double check what I’ve done tomorrow.

I’ve already done the database update today, so there’s no hurry.

Thanks @sihui


Thanks. Finished.

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@sihui and @chris thanks for adding this device so quickly.

I was checking what the current location is for nightly/dev builds of the zwave repo (I know I have to wait till the next db update is added to git :slight_smile: )
But is seems the Zwave CI on ci.openhab.org is only build on master (which is 3.0). There doesn’t seem to be 2.5.X builds currently?

No - it also builds (or should build) 2.5.


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Chris beat me to is as I was waiting for the page to load. :+1:
There are currently no OH3 addons yet anyway.
2,5 addon-only releases are expected to continue once 2.5.1 is released.

Thanks Chris. I now see the “greyed out 2.5.X tab” in Jenkins :slight_smile: my bad.


I agree - it’s not the most obvious :slight_smile:

I installed the most recent snapshot with the new device definitions.

When pressing the on/off button of the groups I get:

    020-01-08 16:03:47.049 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - zwave_device_bf9f9b39_node30_scene_number changed from 4.0 to 1.0
2020-01-08 16:03:47.074 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - zwave_device_bf9f9b39_node30_switch_binary changed from OFF to ON
2020-01-08 16:03:51.474 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - zwave_device_bf9f9b39_node30_switch_binary changed from ON to OFF
2020-01-08 16:03:51.501 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - zwave_device_bf9f9b39_node30_scene_number changed from 1.0 to 2.0
2020-01-08 16:03:55.920 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - zwave_device_bf9f9b39_node30_switch_binary changed from OFF to ON
2020-01-08 16:03:55.949 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - zwave_device_bf9f9b39_node30_scene_number changed from 2.0 to 3.0
2020-01-08 16:03:57.978 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - zwave_device_bf9f9b39_node30_switch_binary changed from ON to OFF
2020-01-08 16:03:58.006 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - zwave_device_bf9f9b39_node30_scene_number changed from 3.0 to 4.0

So I can do something with turning other non z-wave devices on and off.
It also seems to give feedback on the switch_binary but there isn’t any distinction between button group1 (buttons 1 and 2) and button group 2 (buttons 3 and 4)

Also the dimming doesn’t seem to work.
When I keep pressing a button e.g. 1 (ON button group 1) I get :

 2020-01-08 16:10:17.986 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent]  
 zwave_device_bf9f9b39_node30_scene_number changed from 4.0 to 1.2
 2020-01-08 16:10:25.606 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] 
 zwave_device_bf9f9b39_node30_scene_number changed from 1.2 to 1.1 

So on button pressed “1.2” and letting go off the button I get “1.1”

Do I need to alter the device definition in the Zwave DB to get this functioning right (and any hints what to do) or i’am doing something wrong.

I’m not really sure what you can change here (or what you are expecting to happen). The binding is just passing the scene numbers that the device provides.

What is the debug log showing and what do you expect to happen?

I was hoping to get some dimming function for at least one of the groups :slight_smile:
So I would need/expect 0-100 value events? Or am I thinking wrong and isn’t this possible?

In the manual it states:

Short press / button of Group 3 to send ON/OFF command to associated devices of this group using Command Class “Basic Set V2”.

Press and hold down / button of Group 3 to send light intensity increase/decrease command to associated devices of this group using Command Class “Multilevel V4”.