[SOLVED] Addons not recognized when running main in Eclipse IDE

I’m resuming my work on zwave S2 and trying to setup Eclipse IDE with OH 4.2.x (main branch) as I can test changes fastest when running directly from the IDE

Installed the latest eclipse, set everything up, and I can run OH from app.bndrun → Debug OSGi and get to the console on localhost:8081/

My problem is when I try to include an add-on from my eclipse workspace. I’m confused as to how that’s accomplished.

These instructions seem to suggest that any addon in the eclipse workspace will be picked up auto-magically. That doesn’t appear to be working for me as if I try to add a new Thing in the UI it shows no bindings are installed.

I seem to remember having to mess with the pom or the app.bndrun to get this to work in the past, but the app.bndrun section doesn’t show any of the addons in my workspace.

Another oddity is the entire “Binding” section is missing in the UI settings - not sure if that’s expected as a part of the 4.2.0 UI changes?

Here’s a comparison of eclipse/localhost to my production OH 4.0.x screen:

Eclipse is running on my windows 10 laptop i i7-1185H, 32GB ram

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It’s documented here: Eclipse IDE | openHAB

This all moved to an add-on store section:


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@wborn Ah, got it. Appreciate the help!

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