[SOLVED] Aeotec Smart Dimmer 6 Won't Include Securely

When I attempt to include the Aeotec Smart Dimmer 6 in secure mode it successfully joins, but it is never recognized. It always says ‘Unknown Device’. The device is an inch away from the controller at the time of inclusion and I add the device in HABmin within 15 seconds. If I exclude the device and delete it from OH2 and then include it non-securely it will be recognized. A second issue, which may be related to the first issue is that when I include it non-securely it doesn’t turn the device on or off. The command are sent and confirmed and the LED on the device are changing, but the devices connected to the dimmer remain on. I have other zwave devices (switches and sensors) that are working correctly so I don’t believe it is something systemic. What do I need to do in order to get this device to work correctly? If there are any logs or files you would need to see to diagnose, please let me know.


According to the page here


The binding says the device does not support security. What does your manual say?

If it supports security, the device database needs to be updated.

That was my first thought as well, so I submitted a ticket to @chris to have it updated to include security. He said “If the device supports security, then it can use security if you configure it - this is not configured in the database” and requested that if I still had issue that I should submit here.

Since you tagged him he will respond. He is in the UK.

Have you configured your system to include all devices securely? This is a configuration in the controller and it defaults to only including locks securely.

Otherwise you will need to check the logs to see what is happening.

openhab.css (95.9 KB) I did not have the device setup to include all devices securely, so I corrected that, then excluded the device, then deleted the Thing from HABmin, then re-included it (Node 30) securely and it did the same thing. I enabled debug logging and attached the logs. It has the ‘css’ extension but you have to change the extension to ‘zip’ so you can extract it since the forums don’t allow zip files and the log file was too big to attach.

Can you see anything that would cause this to happen?

It looks like it is working fine to me. Why don’t you think it’s working?

This is the first time it has ever done this. I guess 30th time’s the charm?! The one thing that is still a problem is that now that it is included, when I link up a item to the ‘Brightness’ channel, and go to the ‘Description’ tab or the ‘Control’ tab in PaperUI I see that it adds a toggle for On/Off. When I toggle that switch to off, the light on the dimmer changes from green to purple. The documentation says that the green light indicates that device plugged into the dimmer is using 0 watts and that the purple light means that the dimmer is switched off. However, the device I have plugged into the dimmer never turns off, even when it is purple. Since the switch is turning from purple to green and vice versa when I toggle the switch, it seems that the dimmer is definitely responding, but it’s not doing what it’s supposed to do. Do you think that is anything that can be fixed in OH2 or is that a problem I should address with the manufacturer?

I don’t really know what the device is doing, but since the LED is changing state, I’m assuming that OH is sending the commands. Now it’s possible that this device works differently than all other ZWave devices, and they control the LED differently to the dimmer, and it’s expecting certain commands to differentiate the two - I doubt it as it’s an Aeotec device which are normally pretty good.

My guess therefore is it’s a hardware issue.