[SOLVED] After update to OH 2.4 - Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 doesn't send command / scene IDs

Hi all!

yesterday I updated from OH 2.2 to 2.4 (raspberry 3, Z-wave module, openhabian).
Then deleted all zwave-things except the controller, reinstalled the zwave-binding an added all zwave-things again. It took some time (1-2 hours) until all things left the state unknown and seam to be healthy.

Then I tried double-clicks on some switches connected to the roller shutters, but nothing happened. I use double- and tripple-clicks to switch groups of rollershutters to specific positions. But with OH 2.4 this stopped working. So I checked the configuration parameters of the roller shutters. The first thing I had to do was to set parameter 50 to 1 (scene activation) again. (why this paramter changed through the OH-update anyway?). So I thought the muilti-clicks should work now - but no, they don’t.

Then I checked if my items are connected to the thing-channels correctly. And yes -they are. I have one item for each click-type. But it’s still not working.

Then I checked the OH-logfiles and couldn’t find any entries that the roller shutters received any commands/updates. Shouldn’t I see some “receive command”-entrys in the logs even on singe-clicks on the physical switches?

Any ideas?

Check associations (need to point to controller, eventually there’s more than one). Eventually upgrade to 2.5M1 as there’s fixes in there related to associations.

Enable zwave debugging to see if the FGR does send a message on button press.

I used to recently have problems with scene commands on a FGD to not get properly interpreted, ended up with the need for a fix inside the zwave binding. Search forum if you think this applies.

Thanks for the quick reply. That sounds really promising. I checked the configuration of the association groups. It is completely unconfigured / empty. Unfortunately I can try it not until later cause I am not at home.

Is there a changelog for the zwave-bindingupdate 2.5M1. I couldn’t find more information about this. Is the association configuration automatically filled with the new binding?

That’s how my Association Groups for the Roller Shutters look like. Do I have to choose “Controller” for all 3 groups?


Just for the “Controller Updates”.
Note that there is a bug in HABmin where the - correct - settings are not displayed although they are set properly.

On a sidenote: because of major restructuring you need to delete all your things and readd them (don’t exclude/reinclude!).

Did that :slight_smile:

Then you should be fine. I have six of those and they are working fine with 2.4 and 2.5.
If you still have problems I would delete cache and tmp folders, also watch your openhab.log for any errors.

Very unusual! At least main powered devices should be right up again. Battery operated devices may take some time (wake up periods).


added the “Controller” to the Association Group “Controller Updates” and everything is working fine again. Thank you!

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