[SOLVED] Alexa Discovery issue. Where do I add tags if there is no Config file anymore?

Installed in RP13, OpenHAB2, OpenHabian.

As I was told in previous discussions, we dont have any more configuration files in openHAB2 and we use paper UI.

In that case how do Alexa discover Items? Or rather How do I make an Item discoverable in Alexa?

Also what all Bindings Should I install? I have installed the following

  • Amazon Echo Control Binding

And the following addons

  • HomeKit Integration
  • openHAB cloud connector

I have exposed the items using Openhab Cloud Configuration

You do not need to do that.
It adds to the workload of the openHAB servers. It is only required for IFTT integration and the like.

You need to add tags using the REST api.
It is not currently possible to do that with the paperUI.

Thanks. Can you please guide me how to add tags using the REST api?

install the REST api documentation in PaperUI - Addons - Misc - REST API documentation
Go to your dashboard - Go the the REST API


In the REST api go to Items and use the last one to add a tag to an item:

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Thank you :+1: