[SOLVED] [Alexa Smarthome Skill] Trying to switch channel on a TV, but failing

I’m trying to set the volume and channel number of my TV via Alexa. As far as I understood the documentation the setup as a speaker would fit.

I have setup openHAb with the SamsungTV binding. The channels Volume and ChannelNumber are linked to a Dimmer an a Number Item and are working from BasicUI.
I did setup a Group as well:

Group gTV "Fernseher" {alexa="Endpoint.Speaker"}
Number TV_Kanal "Kanal [%s]" (gTV) {alexa="ChannelController.channel", channel="samsungtv:tv:0db58581_00e6_1000_a60e_508569790eff:channel"}
   Dimmer TV_Volume "Volume [%s]" (gTV) {alexa="SpeakerVolume", channel="samsungtv:tv:0db58581_00e6_1000_a60e_508569790eff:volume"}

Why Alexa is detecting only the group?
Note: No channel for power because the TV is offline when switched off, not even WOL is working.

This is normal. When you defined a group endpoint, all the members are considered as underlying interface capabilities. So in your configuration, Alexa knows that your TV group endpoint channel and volume can be controlled but you won’t see them listed in your discovered devices.

I have a similar Samsung TV which cannot be turned on automatically once powered off. You should still add the power channel so that you can at least request the TV to be turned off when it is on.

Thanks for the response.
I do have a power channel, I just did not try to expose it to Alexa.
The volume and channel switching are are working from the sitemap, but not via Alexa. .Do I have to call the volume with the group name?

Got Volume and Channel working after some tweaking.
Removed the gTV completely, then Alexa found Channel and Volume, added the "Smart TV Remote " skill ( WITHOUT installing the app on a smartphone!).
No I can change the Volume and the Channel with VoiceCommands,
BUT switching to Channel 1 “is not supported by device” according to Alexa. Switching one channel down is working :roll_eyes:

And the German slang version of the number two (“zwo”) is not known :wink: