[SOLVED] Alexa Text To Speeh doesn't work


I’ve recently bough Amazon Echo and installed the binding “binding-amazonechocontrol - 2.3.0”

I’m trying the amazon echo text to speech via channel "amazonechocontrol:echo:…:textToSpeech"under some rules but doesn’t work. Alexa tries to understand it as a command and says that she has no answer to that…

Does anybody has the same problem?


To get better assistance, post your code so that it can be reviewed.

Make sure you use code fences.

Hi KidSquid, the code is very simple:

rule “Alexa TTS”
Item Virtual_Alexa changed to ON
Alexa_Speak.sendCommand(‘Hello World!’)

Virtual_Alexa is a virtual switch and Alexa_Skeak is the item linked to Alexa Channel amazonechocontrol:echo:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:textToSpeech


Alexa_TTS.sendCommand("Hello World")

Hi KidSquid,

The link between the thing and the Item is called Alexa_Speak not TTS… See attached

Any other idea why Alexa is not reading that text?

What language are you using for TTS?

What errors do you have in the log?

There are no errors but Alexa says that she doesn’t understand the command instead of reading the text.

What language? English/Spanish/German/Italian ?


I have same problem with Italian
Since the binding works with the Alexa web page I suppose the Italian (and maybe Spanish) web page has fewer option compare with the US one.
For instance there are no routine in the Italian web page but just in the Alexa app for mobile.
That’s why also the routine does not work from OH for me.

It works just after upgrading to Openhab 2.4!