(solved) Amazon Dash Button - Setup?


I read the setup instructions for “Amazon Dash Button”.

There is explained to “following the instructions provided by Amazon EXCEPT FOR THE LAST STEP.” […] where it asks you to pick which product you want to map it to[…].

My question: Is it possibe to execute this last step, for ordering some products, and afterwards revert this, for using it with OH2? Is it possible to revert the last step later?

Reason: In Germany one “Amazon Dash Button” costs 4,99 EUR and you will get a discount of 4,99 EUR for your first purchase order! Some of the products are cheaper than 4,99 EUR. So you will get this order for free! Am I wrong?

Who has experience using the german “Dash Button” and can confirm this?



I have a Dash button also and I’m using it with Openhab 2.
I think you can always reset your Amazon Dash button and don’t select any product to order, that means you can also use the button for Openhab after your ordered something.

I give you no guarantee tho because I haven’t tried it myself yet :wink: It should work tho.

Hey berni , thanks for your suggestions.

Maybe someone else has done it with “ordering something”, then reset the “Dash Button” and after that connected it newly to Openhab?

Can someone else confirm bernis suggestions?

Normally it is not that problem in trying out an Amazon Dash Button. Maximum loss: 4,99 EUR.

But at first you have to be an Amazon Prime Member, before you are able to order a Dash Button.

I’m not a Prime Member, and I only want to change my membership, when above question was completely answered.

Thank you very much!

according to amazon it is possible to reset the dash button.

I will get my (german) dash button in a few days (at the moment only using imported US ones), and when I get it I can let you know

Hey Daniel_Hermann1,

that sounds great. I’m awaiting your investigations!

Thank you very much!

The dash button isn’t really bound to openhab. Openhab is just monitoring your network traffic and checks for the button to show up.

So I guess it’s not important for openhab if the dash button is completely configured. It’s just important for you and you’re credit card.

My dash button is actually blocked inside my firewall. So it won’t be able to order anything.

yes, same for me. The best thing is to just block it.

Thanks for all replies. Best thing, I would await Daniel_Hermann1s testings…

I can confirm that the DASH Button can be reset.

I bought a new one, made an order with it, and then proceeded to reset it according to the amazon instructions, which worked flawlessly.


Sounds good! Thank you very much!

I even got the 4,99 Euro back without ordering anything. It magically showed up as a voucher …

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yes, but try if you can use the voucher on an item that you cannot buy with that dash button?

Yes, I bought some motorcycle supplies which are not available through a dash button.

Same for me… and I even bought some Gillette stuff with the Button and then used it with OH. So no problem, just reseted the button and blocked it inside my firewall…

So no problem at all

Ok. Good to hear. I’m going to change my Amazon membership to “Prime” and buy some “Dash Buttons”… Thanks to all!

as far as I know you can also buy them with the free trial prime membership.

Hello all, now I’m an Amazon Prime Member (30 days free membership) and I ordered Dash Buttons. They arrived and I could order some things. I was able to reset them and after that to bind them into OH2. Thanks to all.

But now I have many errors and warnings! Any help would be great!

Please see my posting over there:

I solved my problem on my own!

See here.

If the dash buttons are set up already (e.g. if you wanted to order something to get the 4,99€ back) it is not mandatory to reset them. It’s most important to block their internet access. Otherwise they will always send notifications.
Setup on an raspberry pi is pretty simple and works flawlessly following this documentation.

Thanks for all replies. It seems that this documentation was written and tested primarily with Linux and not with Windows, especially Windows 10.

There is no hint that Windows installation command

choco install winpcap

needs as prerequisite Chocolatey from here: https://chocolatey.org/

And it has to be installed as a PowerShell add-on.

Installation of Chocolatey:

run the following command from an administrative PowerShell v3+ prompt:

iwr https://chocolatey.org/install.ps1 -UseBasicParsing | iex

before that, you have to check Execution Policies of Windows, see here:


and so on…

All these steps are unnecessary!

But there no hint that you just simply install WinPcap from here:


And all this is only working for Windows with a normal NIC.

If you are using only a wifi adapter with Windows 10, just install an alternative pcap from here:

Install it with “WinPcap 4.1.3 compatibility” and “Raw 802.11 Packet Capture”.