[SOLVED] Amazon Echo Control problem with Login

Hello there!
Currently I’m trying to implement the Amazon Control Binding in my System.
I folloed the Documentation to open http://myopenhabip:8080/amazonechocontol and got to the login from Amazon.
When I log in to my account a verryfication link is send to my mobile device. But I cant open the link and approve the login attempt befor the site refreshes and I see the login again…

I’ve read that a password change was a problem in the past. I changed my password linke 3 Months ago but only installed the binding yesterday.

I already have played with the Binding on a test setup a longer time ago with the old password on an old pc wich isn’t in use anymore.

Is there any known fix for this or someone has an idea what I might have done wrong?


You should enable two factor authentication in your amazon account and try it again

Thanks a lot!