[SOLVED] Amazon Echo Error

Hey guys,

fresh openhabian install with the amazon echo binding. Everything is working but i get these errors:

2019-11-06 17:31:52.223 [ERROR] [ersey.server.ServerRuntime$Responder] - An I/O error has occurred while writing a response message entity to the container output stream.

org.glassfish.jersey.server.internal.process.MappableException: org.openhab.binding.amazonechocontrol.internal.HttpException: GET url 'https://alexa.amazon.de/api/behaviors/entities?skillId=amzn1.ask.1p.music' failed: Too Many Requests

Does anyone know how to fix it?

If you unlink the the amazon music channel does the error go away?

Which channel exactly?

In PaperUI > Configuration > Things > Your Alexa thing look and see what channels you have linked that are music related. Not 100% sure it’s your issue just going off the small bit of logs above. BTW, you can set the binding to DEBUG for more log info via the Karaf console.

I think it was the music prvoider id. The errors are gone.


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But its not really a solution for the problem to remove a channel, isnt it?

Are you using this channel? I ask b/c most do not so removing the link solves their issue.

If you are using the channel then you may want to check github for related issues and open one if none is found.