[SOLVED] Amazon - Openhab: is [ "Switchable" ] or {alexa="Switchable"} the right one?

Hi folks,

I’m a bit confused regarding the two systems of tagging for having a proper integration of Alexa services in Openhab.

Can you please help me on this?


Both of them are working, it is backwards compatible.

But what is the correct one? I mean, the most recent/sofisticated/scalable …?

I suppose the second one … just because you can send different commands, right?


  • Version 3 of the Alex Skill API introduces a more rich and complex set of features that required a change in how items are configured by using the new metadata feature introduced in openaHAB 2.3
  • Version 2 tags are still supported and are converted internally to v3 meta data

Someone knows if CurrentHumidity is already working?