[SOLVED] Annoying thing with Alexa just started happening


I have 2 blinds with Somfy motors and am controlling them with an RFXTRX433XL controller. Blinds work just fine. Set them up as switches in OpenHab, have worked via Alexa perfectly until yesterday, I think.

Don’t get me wrong, they still go up and down when instructed but now Alexa says, “Upstairs blind is not responding, please check it’s network connection and power supply”

Anyone seen this?

Check out this thread:

You might have to rediscover the items in the Alexa app.

Removed and re-added the blinds in the Alexa app. Same deal, they respond to commands but Alexa says what I stated in my first post.

Do you use it via myopenhab? Sometimes when you loose connection from your local openhab instance to the cloud instance than alexa cant forward the request and you get your voiceline as answer.

It helps to either restart the openhab cloud bundle via karaf console or restart your whole installation

I did restart my Pi running OH, same deal. Blinds respond to the commands but she spouts her nonsense

I need to point out, this all worked just fine up until 2 days ago, after I did an apt - update was when I noticed this happening.

In addition to the above, another “switch” has stopped working via Alexa, turning off my LG TV. Unlike the blinds, this switch doesn’t work when I ask Alexa to turn off the TV.

Okay, read through some of the docs on the new v3 API and think i’ve resolved it. I’m going to include the “old” item and the “new” item to indicate what worked for me, in the event it might help someone in future

Old Item

Dimmer Down_Stairs_Blind "Down Stairs Blind" (Voice) ["Lighting"] {channel="rfxcom:rfy:988dddc6:shutter:command"}

New Item

Dimmer Down_Stairs_Blind "Down Stairs Blind" ["Lighting"] {channel="rfxcom:rfy:988dddc6:shutter:command", autoupdate="true", alexa="PowerController.powerState"}

Important to point out, the bit of code that resolved it was the autoupdate=“true”. That’s what ultimately stopped Alexa whinging about the device.