[SOLVED] Any way to get Alexa to give me a temperature reading? Alexa what is my Pool Temperature?


just found that thread wile looking for something else. I am not sure I understand why rules are necessary. I simply gave my swimming pool temperature item (label:“pool”) the alexa metadata “CurrentTemperature”. Now I can ask alexa “what ist the temperature in pool?” and get back the correct temperature.



I did actually try this and it didn’t work for me ( it’s the second post where I state some of the things I tried.), it is not documented on the OpenHab Hue emulation help https://www.openhab.org/addons/integrations/hueemulation/.

The only types documented there are “Switchable”, “ColorLighting”, and “Lighting”. If “CurrentTemperature” works then by all means that does sound like a better option. If it works it might be good to have the documentation updated as well so others find the solution easily. Note I am using Hue Emulation and I think that might be the catch on my end.

Just to clarify, you folks are talking about two different things. @Lars_Deutsch is using the Alexa Smart Home Skill (hence “alexa metadata”) through a cloud service (I assume myopenhab). @fifo is using Hue Emulation and avoiding cloud services, per the original post.

CurrentTemperature is available in the Alexa skill, but not in the Hue Emulation.

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Good catch @rpwong , that would do it!