[Solved] AVMFRITZ: Support for FRITZ!DECT 302

Hi all,

is there a plan when the new FRITZ!DECT 302 heating thermostat will be supported by the AVMFRITZ binding. I guess that it should be 100 percent compatible with the predecessor 301 but maybe there will be a new thing type “FRITZ_DECT_302”?

Thank you for a short notice :slight_smile:

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Found this on Github

:pray:t2: THANKY YOU @cweitkamp

Is there a way to use this new Dect 302 Device with the old OpenHAB 2.5.12? Thank you!

(My Window-Open Rule was juuuust running perfect - but not anymore, if the new 302 is not supported :slight_smile: )

No, openHAB 2.x is feature freeze, you need to update to openHAB 3.

Some hours ago, the new openHAB 3.3.0 Milestone 3 has been released, with support of the the Dect 302. Thank you and applause!

My device was discovered!

A few months ago i struggled with the channel “radiator_mode”. I thought (i was wrong!), it is possible to set the thermostat e.g. to “window - open” mode. (With a rule).
Now the channel description states “sets the thermostat mode to ON, OFF, COMFORT, ECO, BOOST, WINDOW _OPEN”.
I think, it does not SET the mode of the thermostat, it just REPORTS the mode. Only the AVM Fritzbox is able to SET this mode, OpenHAB only (sadly!) can read the channel.
This is a big difference, if someone (like me) wants to shut down the valve, if there is a window open …

This was (is running, till converting) my solution with 2.5.12:

val actions = getActions("avmfritz", "avmfritz:FRITZ_DECT_301:192_168_178_1:099950xxxx")

rule "RoomWindowOpen"
    Item WindowContact_Room changed
    if ((WindowContact_Room.state == OPEN)) {
            logInfo("SchlafZiMitte Heizung-Fenster: ","OPEN and rule triggered!")
        //Thermostat_RadiatorMode.sendCommand("OFF") // Not working!!!
        //Thermostat_RadiatorMode.sendCommand("WINDOW_OPEN") // Not working!!!
        actions.setWindowOpenMode(86400) // enable window_open (or, what about the SetTemp feature?!
    if ((WindowContact_Room.state == CLOSED)) {
            logInfo("SchlafZiMitte Heizung-Fenster: ","CLOSED and rule triggered!")
        actions.setWindowOpenMode(0) //disable window_open mode

Nooow - would someone help me to convert this rule to OH 3.3? :slight_smile: These days are really cold so this rule is important … :slight_smile: Thank you!

Why don’t you use “OFF” instead of “WINDOW_OPEN”?
At least as a cirumvention … even though my experience is that AVM is resistent in fixing or activating features in their Smarthome functions …