[SOLVED] Best option for thermostat automation?

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by upgrading to snapshot 2.2, I was able to include my Z-Wave thermostat (Eurotronics Spirit) with OpenHab2.
I am able to control the thermostat via UI and by directly manipulating the “thing”.
What I would like to do is to set up a plan on when the temperature should be on which level.

What is the best way to do so? From my first idea, a rule seems to be to complex and I haven’t found a way to get familiar with the event scheduler in Habmin.

So, what would you recommend?

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One approach would be to install the Google Calendar Scheduler (gcal) binding so that you can use a Google calendar to schedule the commands to set the temp. This would make it easy to adjust the schedule from anywhere, as long as you have access to your Google calendar.

It’s also easy to do it with rules. By using cron expressions, you can create a rule for each thermostat setting you want to set throughout the day.

I also find this tool very helpful to create cron expressions.

Example rules:

rule "wake up"
    Time cron "0 30 6 * * ?"
    // code to set wakeup temp goes here

rule "sleep"
    Time cron "0 45 22 * * ?"
    // code to set sleep temp goes here

Im using 4 Spirit Zwave Plus with OH2 in my flat, with Node-red as rules engine. There is a Bigtimer node, which can be used to set up times for different actions. Sure things, its not that convenient as graphical scheduler with multi state option, but was easier to implement than OH2 rules.
Each room termostat have its own timer with only (for now) 2 plans: day / night.

Dear all,

thank you for your quite divers options.
I realise that I will definetely need to improve my coding skills.
Until then, I will stick to the GCal-binding, as it works flawlessly for me so far.

@mhilbush, @jaketherake, @rlkoshak: Thank you for your input.

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