[SOLVED] Binding Update


I might have missed this, but I have a question regarding the (automated) updates of bindings. I’ve now upgraded OpenHAB from 2.3.0 nightly to the latest 2.4.0 nightly and will keep updating. Do the bindings update themselves also to the newest version or do I need to uninstall them in Paper UI and reinstall all of them manually?

If the latter is the case, my question would be whether I can somehow activate an automated update of the bindings?

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Only when you don’t want to upgrade the runtime, but only the binding version.


Thanks a lot!

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I have openhab 2.3 running on my Synology NAS. What I’ve never understood is how and where I get to know about current versions of my installed bindings. Can anyone explain that to me? Or is there a page about it?

If you need the exact date of the binding build you can do this via karaf:

bundle:list is the secret.