[SOLVED] Bindings Documentation: add system name of binding!

The documentation for the bindings is fairly good, and if I add a binding through PaperUI it matches my needs. However, when I add a binding manually in conf/services/addons.cfg, it is difficult to find the ‘system name’ of the binding. For example, the weather binding has to be included with the name ‘weather1’, because it is an old-style (1.x) binding. For the WeatherUnderground binding, I never found out the name and had to add it through PaperUI…
Wouldn’t it be more convenient to add that ‘system name’ (or however you want to call it) to the documentation?

If you have installed via PaperUI you can find the name in C:\openHAB\openhab-2.3.0\userdata\config\org\openhab/addons.config


I think it’s the name you see at the PaperUIhc_291

Ok thank you. This will solve my problem with weatherunderground, and I will be able to read it in the PaperUI as well now, so it won’t be an issue for myself anymore now.
However, don’t you think it might help other users if it is added explicitly in the documentation? Just to help others to avoid the long search I had gone through :slight_smile:

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It can also be seen in the URL of the docs:


This is not shown on mobile devices (at least iPhones). We should evaluate if it is possible to add the name (perhaps in brackets) after the binding name in the documentation.

So you are telling me that there is no way to see the URL of the web page you are looking at on an iPhone? I’m skeptical but perhaps that is just another reason I don’t like iPhones.

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No, you can of course view the full URL. I‘ve attached a screenshot (and edited it to show what i would find useful).

I won‘t argue pro/contra iPhone. But I like - and see it as additional security - that only the host part of the URL is visible. It‘s much clearer than the full URL. You can get to see the full URL if you tap on the hostname.