[SOLVED] Bticino Openwebnet MH202


has anyone a openhab system running is an unofficial gateway?
In the original binding is only Openwebnet without password supported

Has anyone a solution?

LG Patrick

Hi Patrick, I have a pull request open to integrate this functionality in the master repo:
If you want to try my bticino binding, it is here:
I’ve also a new topic open here:

Hi Andrea,
i have bought the f455 gateway, I struggle atm with the config, i can test it if works :slight_smile:
ATM i have tested the new gateway with a own adroid app and it works without PW.

I have configured the items and a sitemap, but no reaction at the bticino system.
can i test the btiding an the connection to the my home system?

Hi Patrick, you should get more info if you set the log to debug level.
Are you using my binding or the one released ?

I’m running the bTicino integration with MH200N and before it could work I had to open an IP address to function without password.
So in through use of the bTicino configuration app, I added the rasbperry pi IP address.
More info can be found here http://www.myuremote.com/website/how-to-configure-myuremote-for-bticino-myhome-home-control/

Look for the text “Again, if your smartphones, tables and PC’s get their ip address throug dhcp, make sure that the dhcp server uses a range that lies within the range of enabled ip addresses for the MH200.”


sry haven’t got time the last two month :slight_smile:
I think i have a config problem.
No i have added to my system also a F455 to be sure i don’t have a problem with the password.
Now i can access over a android APP withour Password my bticino system, and the communication via wireshark seems to be ok.

Is there something i have forgot in my config?

Thanks guys for your help


Host and port of the default OpenWeb bticino IF

OpenWeb gateway IP address / Hostname


OpenWeb gateway Port (optional, defaults to 20000)


OpenWeb bus status rescan interval (optional, defaults to 120 seconds)



Group Wohnraum
Group Kueche
Group Eingang
Group Garten
Group Keller

// Lights
Switch Kueche_Decke “Licht Kueche” (Kueche, Lights) {bticino=“if=webserver;who=1;what=0;where=14”}
Switch Kueche_Arbeit “Licht Kueche Arbeitsflaeche” (Kueche, Lights) {bticino=“if=webserver;who=1;what=0;where=15”}
Switch Kueche_Bar “Licht Kueche Bar” (Kueche, Lights) {bticino=“if=webserver;who=1;what=0;where=16”}
Dimmer Esszimmer “Licht Esszimmer” (Wohnraum, Lights) {bticino=“if=webserver;who=1;what=0;where=17”}
Dimmer Wohnzimmer “Licht Wohnzimmer” (Wohnraum, Lights) {bticino=“if=webserver;who=1;what=0;where=18”}

Switch Schlafzimmer “Licht Schlafzimmer” (OG, Lights) {bticino=“if=webserver;who=1;what=0,where=34”}


sitemap default label="Schmiekogl" {
Frame label="Date" {
Text item=Date
Frame label="Test" {
	Switch item=Kueche_Decke icon="light"
	Slider item=Wohnzimmer icon="light"
	Switch item=Schlafzimmer icon="light"
	Switch item=Kueche_Bar icon="light"


hab a problem at the gateway

Problem is solved