[SOLVED] Can I mix a dynamic sitemap item (ie a group) with a specified item (image)

So I have a group of temperatures that I currently list on my sitemap with:


Group item=g_temperature label=“Temperatures” icon=“temperature”


if I do this though I get a subpage for the temperatures, and then the image on the main page.:

Frame label="Temperatures"  icon="temperature" {
	Group item=g_temperature label="Temperatures" icon="temperature"
	Image refresh=60000 url="http://grafana:3000/render/dashboard-solo/db/temperatures-oh2?panelId=2&width=700&height=350&from=now-48h&to=now"

Can I get

Temperatures menu item on the main page of the sitemap
- List of temp items
- Image

Or do I manually have to specify each temperature item rather than use the group definition.


Text item=g_temperatures {

Anything. Make sure the icon and label a set for the group and the type and function for the group are set right.

Anything you put between the curly brackets will show up on the subpage.