SOLVED: Cannot connect to

I’m a beginner with OpenHAB and even more so with Linux. I have been trying to get OpenHAB 2 to connect with, but after attempting to follow many forum posts about the topic, reinstalling the OS, and more, I still cannot get a successful connection.

Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
OS: Raspbian Stretch
JRE: 1.8.0_65-b17
OpenHAB2 Version: 2.2.0-1

I recently reinstalled Raspbian as a last-resort measure, so everything is pretty much at their defaults. After installing the add-on, filling in the UUID and Secret, I am still getting no results.
Am I missing something? What am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance!

You need a more recent version of java!

Got it, thanks for your help! I finally found which Java package to install.