[SOLVED] Cannot control light and switches in BasicUI

Hi everybody,

I’m completely new to openHAB. My setup is:

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Rev 1.1
    • OS: Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)
    • Java Runtime Environment: OpenJDK Runtime Environment (Zulu8.40.0.178-CA-linux_aarch32hf) (build 1.8.0_222-b178)
    • openHAB version: 2.5.0-1

I started using openHAB by installing some Bindings (HUE, tado, Solaredge…), defining some items and a sitemap:

sitemap default label="Home" {
        Frame label="Heizung" {
        Text item=Livingroom_Temperature label="Temperatur Wohnzimmer [%.1f °C]"
        Text item=Livingroom_Humidity label="Luftfeuchtigkeit [%d %%]"
        Text item=Livingroom_Heatpower label="Heizleistung [%d]"
    Frame label="PV Anlage" {
        Text item=PV_Production label="Aktuelle Produktion [%.2f kW]"
        Text item=PV_Consumption label="Aktueller Verbrauch [%.2f kW]"
        Text item=PV_DailyProduction label="Tages-Produktion [%.2f kW]"
        Text item=PV_DailyConsumption label="Tages-Verbrauch [%.2f kW]"
    Frame label="Switches" {
        Switch item=Schalter_Heizung label="Schalter Heizung"
        Switch item=Schalter_Zirkulationspumpe label="Schalter Zirkulationspumpe"
        Switch item=Schalter_SleepTV label="Schalter TV Schlafzimmer"
        Switch item=Schalter_WohnTV label="Schalter TV Wohnzimmer"
        Switch item=Schalter_ZirkPumpe label="Schalter Zirkulationspumpe"
    Frame label="Licht" {
        Switch item=Licht_Esszimmer_Toggle label="Licht Esszimmer an/aus"
        Slider item=Licht_Esszimmer_Dimmer label="Licht Esszimmer"
        Switch item=Licht_Wohnzimmer1_Toggle label="Licht Wohnzimmer (1) an/aus"
        Slider item=Licht_Wohnzimmer1_Dimmer label="Licht Wohnzimmer (1)"
        Switch item=Schalter_Esszimmer label="Schalter Esszimmer (Fenster)"

One of my items-files looks like this:

// Klassische An-/Aus-Schalter

Switch Schalter_Esszimmer "Schalter Esszimmer (Fenster)" <switch> {channel="hue:0010:123456789:7:switch"}
Switch Schalter_Heizung "Schalter Heizung" <switch> {channel="hue:123456789:6:switch"}
Switch Schalter_Zirkulationspumpe "Schalter Zirkulationspumpe" <switch> {channel="hue:0010:123456789:5:switch"}
Switch Schalter_SleepTV "Schalter TV Schlafzimmer" <switch> {channel="avmfritz:FRITZ_DECT_200:192_168_100_1:123456789:outlet}
Switch Schalter_WohnTV "Schalter TV Wohnzimmer" <switch> {channel="hue:0010:1234567894:switch"}
Switch Schalter_ZirkPumpe "Schalter Zirkulationspumpe" <switch> {channel="hue:0010:123456789:5:switch"}

// Dimmer
Switch Licht_Esszimmer_Toggle {channel="hue:0100:1234567892:brightness"}
Dimmer Licht_Esszimmer_Dimmer "Licht Esszimmer" {channel="hue:0100:123456789:2:brightness"}
Switch Licht_Wohnzimmer1_Toggle {channel="hue:0100:123456789:1:brightness"}
Dimmer Licht_Wohnzimmer1_Dimmer "Licht Wohnzimmer (1)" {channel="hue:0100:123456789:1:brightness"}

I can control the switches via the control-panel in the paperui (e.g. turn the heating on/off), but I cannot get it work with the basicui. The control elements are displayed but if I try to toggle a switch, nothing happens.

Did I miss some configurations?

Best, Holger

Pick one simple Item, so that you can follow the trail.
Look in your events.log to see if clicking at the UI has any effect on your Item.
Look also in your openhab.log for any clues at the same time.

For ease of coding I would get rid of the labels in basic ui. This is words in quotes on switches. It is not needed if identical to the items file.

If it works in the control tab that implies to me that channels are correct. I agree with @rossko57 have to pick one item and trace it through the logs.

One question that i do have, is the item defined in two places by chance the paper ui and config file? That can cause inconsistent behavior.

What I was expecting the OP to discover was that the Items in his BasicUI are not the same, uh. things that he is controlling from PaperUI control tab.

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Make sure the file name for your sitemap is the same name used in the file itself. So in your case the file name should be default.sitemap

@rossko57 I agree. Has to be a typo somewhere.

And so it was :roll_eyes: In one of my items-files I forgot to add a “channel=” and in another file I missed a double-quote. I should get rid of KWrite for editing these file and switch over to VSCode. Thanks all for your help and merry X-Mas everyone!