[SOLVED] Cannot send audio to Squeezebox server using Squeezebox binding

I have installed the latest version of the Squeezebox binding (https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/squeezebox/) and have setup a thing for my Squeezebox server run on a Raspberry Pi Model 3 B +.
Most channels work, and I can change most settings such as the web streaming URL, volume and power state.

Despite this, I cannot seem to use Notifications to use my Squeezebox server as an audiosink. I have tried changing the default audiosink to the Squeezebox player and using the example code, however nothing seems to actually make audio play on the server. This includes WAV/MP3 files and TTS.

Thanks for any help.

Hi all,
It seems like the problem has resolved itself.

Thanks for checking the problem out,