[SOLVED] Can't edit Weather Binding

Hi all,

I have managed to get the weather binding up and running but I am unable to edit the font colour in the html file. I even tried to change the fonts but no changes. No errors were in the logs either. Anybody knows what’s wrong?



I dont know the weather binding but the code on the screenshot looks correct.

Have you restarted your openhab server after the change ?

Maybe the old version of the code exsists in the chache and the new one get loaded on an restart !?

Yeah I stopped openhab -> clear the cache using “sudo openhab-cli clean-cache” -> and start it again. The icons and values are changing though

EDIT: okay it’s working now…I did not add the binding into the sitemap. I thought having the weather binding only on the HABPanel would be sufficient. Thanks for taking the time to reply though!