(SOLVED) Can't Link openHAB account in Google Home (Pixel 3a)

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: DiskStation 1511+
    • OS: 6.2.2
    • Java Runtime Environment: Java SE Development Kit 8u212
    • openHAB version: 2.4.0


I’ve been trying to link my Smart Home Wi-Fi LED Controller to my Google Home, this controller is actually the only smart device I’m trying to set up, I’m just getting started with home automation. I can actually control it through Paper UI so I know it’s working. I’ve read the many posts about Google Home supporting only Switchable and Lighting tags so I made sure to only add the one channel: Power (Switch). On my phone in Google Home when I try to add a device (choose the openHAB account, enter my credentials and allow oAuth2), I get “Signing In”, “Linking openHAB Account” and then it simply goes back to the “Set Up” screen, no errors. myopenhab.org sees my server instance so it should be configured correctly. I have no log to look at so I’m kind of lost. Any help or ideas/pointers would be greatly appreciated.

I should also mention sometimes I get “Couldn’t update the settings. Check your connection.” I can’t figure out the logic of why that sometimes shows up. I’ve also cleared the authorizations in myopenhab, no luck… The credentials screen is strange I have to say, there’s a navigation bar at the top and I can navigate away from the logon or oAuth2 screens… I wonder if that’s causing some issues.

Thank you!

Step back.

You have a Thing created.

You have an Item? That Item is linked to the Thing? That Item has a “lighting” tag? How did you add the tag to the Item?

Thanks for the reply Rich, much appreciated!

I started by installing WiFi LED Binding. I believe it discovers automatically my LED on the network, that creates a Thing I renamed “MyLED”. Then under Items is “LEDController_Power”, I think I have the feature that creates everything for me turned on, I’ve added this Item and/or had it create for me. Opening it reveals most fields are empty; only label (Power) and type (Switch) are set. But I can see under Things that it’s linked to it if I expand the “Power” Channel. As for the tag, I guess I was assuming Items that were labelled as “Switch” was enough, perhaps this is where I went wrong. Is there an actual selection somewhere?

Also perhaps you can shed some light on something else, online I see a lot of scrips that describe the switches, like the following:

Switch Kitchen_Light "Kitchen Light" {mqtt="<[...], >[...]" }

Where do I access this? I can’t figure it out, it’s not in Paper UI and I can’t find it by searching the files. I’ve been thinking perhaps it’s from a previous version on openHAB.


If you do than there wouldn’t be an Items entry and the Items would be named something like wifiled_something_soemthingelse_somemorename.

No, you need to actually add the tags. Unfortunately you can’t do this through PaperUI. But if you install the REST API Documentation (under the UIs tab) it provides an interactive documentation. Go down to Items and find the one that let’s you add a tag. It will provide a form to fill out and then you can run it to add the tag.

There are two ways to create Items (or just about everything else in OH). You can use PaperUI or you can use text based config files. That is an example of an Item defined in a .items file. These files get stored in $OH_CONF/items (e.g. for an installed on Linux OH that will be /etc/openhab2/items.

The docs explain the format and details about creating an Item in a .items file.

You can only define an Item of a given name one way, either through PaperUI or .items files, not both.

That’s it! I was simply missing the tag, it’s all working now (well there’s a bug with the color picker in Google Home which prevents choosing the color by hand but works by voice, go figure…).

Thanks Rich, you’ve been most helpful!