[SOLVED] Changing item name breaks sitemap item information

Hi, im new hear so please forgive me if something.
The case is:
I started to add items in the config file manually via VS Code, and configuring sitemap, however it was a nightmare to add items to sitemap because it was imposible to distinguish which one is which, so I decided to rename items name to something more logical, for example:

"Switch ZWaveNode011FGS223DoubleSwitch2_SwitchBinary1 “Switch 1” {channel=“zwave:device:b…”

"Switch Room_DoubleSwitch2_SwitchBinary1 “Switch 1” {channel=“zwave:device:b…”

so I can easily find it when adding to sitemap.

However, when i did it, the information in sitemap from items disappeared and showed -NAN,

while switches still worked, (some of them had a conflict and started to duplicate behaviour of another one, despite the fact that they have a different names and channel address).
Why is that happening? Did i missed something? I thought the name is relative and what really matters is the channel code.

Any help is appreciated!


You are showing the control section of PaperUI, not your sitemap.
Please note that this page is for administration purpose, not for general usage.

When you make changes to several items and files you may need a restart of OH to allow the changes to occur.

If you still see odd or duplicate items in the log then you will want to clean the cache and restart OH. The commands for this are:

sudo systemctl stop openhab2

sudo openhab-cli clean-cache

sudo systemctl start openhab2

That worked! Thanks a lot!

yes, i know, sorry couldn’t provide sitemap screenshot, however the information was the same, just paperui shows more info than i added to sitemap.