[Solved] Chart shows period of one day instead of specified three day

Can someone tell me if I’m doing this wrong?

Chart item=Weather_Pressure_Inches service="mysql" period="3D" refresh="6000000"

This produces this graph:

I’m trying to show three days but it always shows one day. From the wiki:

period: the time span for the x-axis. Value can be h,4h,8h,12h,D,3D,W,2W,M,2M,4M,Y - this parameter is optional and defaults to “D”, i.e. showing the last 24 hours

I’m running 1.3.8 .

EDIT Geez. I swear I read the wiki a million times before posting. Seems that the problem is with the quotation marks around 3D . They should not be there as this modified line works:

Chart item=Weather_Pressure_Inches service="mysql" period=3D refresh="6000000"

I guess it seemed inconsistent not to have them so I put them. It was defaulting to D just like the wiki says.