[SOLVED] Chown, chmod and smb

Hello all,

i have most likely a linux question,
considering there are some very skilled people amongst you, i decided it’s safer to ask then to be sorry…


one gets to the samba installation part

Now, considering my first time noobness (i must have been feeling lucky), knowing absolutely nothing of linux and unix,coming from windows, at some point about a month ago i decided that with all of the files to be configured in etc subfolders for openhab, mqtt, ssl and whatnot, it was cumbersome to share only the openhab subdirectory, so i decided to share the whole of etc, thus effectively rendering root less important of a sudoer than openhab, and rendering my follwng attempts to locally edit configuration files completely useless, and doable only through the samba file share.

Now if anybody is such a noob as i was, trust me, don’t do it. There are tutorials about how to restart a rpi in single user mode to try and regain control, i didn’t manage that either, anyhow it was a first tryout of OH, so i reflashed, restarted, creating some nice tutorials for myself on the way.

NOW i’m at the point when i’m trying to get to an actual openhab setup, using visual studio to write rules directly on the rpi would become a big help, but i would like to maintain local ability to edit the files in /etc/openhab2 and /var/lib/openhab2 with nano when logged in via ssh.

Does this happen if i run the above chown command?

is there a way not to change ownership but to “add” another owner to a directory+ subdirs in linux. i’ve found chmod, but i am not sure it can accomplish that.

I’ve tried to understand in the following thread, how to do it, but in the end i am unsure i understand it correctly, hence the questions…

You’ll alway keep that ability when ssh’d in.
You’ll need to use sudo nano xx.xxx

Thank you very much!