[SOLVED] Chrome does not go habpanel in fullscreen mode

chrome does not go habpanel anymore in fullscreen. Is it a problem only mine or do you have the same thing?

Your not alone.

Does this only occur with Chrome?

I have not tried with other browsers

It’s only since Chrome 71, they changed the API. I don’t know when I’ll have time to look into this. The library used to provide the fullscreen functionality (https://github.com/fabiobiondi/angular-fullscreen) is not maintained anymore.

Fixed - should be in the next snapshot.

Thanks Yannick for confirming. Apprechiate your effort.


What about the 2.4.0-stable version? Any update or other solution? I only use chrome to display HABPanel on my tablet.

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Hi, I also have problem with this since downgrading from snapshot to 2.4.0 Release build.
Chrome version: Chromium 72.0.3626.121 , running on Raspbian 9.11

Is there any way to log this?